Do to advances in our statmaking ability, we are now able to add more info to the stats, for more people. To this end, we are enlarging the "Personal Stats" section to include the Top 30 people, up from just the Top 10.

However, to make these "Personal Stats" actually useful and not just a big waste of space, time, and bandwidth, we need the following information from every member of the Top 30 ASAP:

  1. Your main nickname, and any other nicknames you regularly use (wildcarded nicks are helpful, such as Fentom, Fent*, etc)
  2. A URL to be associated with your name (for example, Serge has http://enhasa.org/ linked to his nick) (OPTIONAL)
  3. An image to be used as an avatar. Maximum dimensions are 190x70 pixels, and please no larger than 5k. Please supply a URL that allows remote linking if possible, as we do not want to host your avatar unless it is absolutely necessary.
  4. A slogan to be associated with you on the stats (for example, Ryuhou has "ign is fagit").
  5. Your birthdate in dd.mm.yyyy format.
  6. Your city, and/or country. If you supply a city, you must supply a country. The country is necessary, the city is optional (though helpful).
  7. Your gender (we can't always tell whether you have a willy or a snatch.)

We hope that you will be able to supply this information at your earliest convenience. To supply this information, please either PM Serge/Kaworu/YuukiAiba/Janus/the guy with too many nicks with the information, or type it up in a text file, name the text file "<yournick>-<channel>.txt" (for example, Shinji's may be entitled shinji-ffonline.txt), and DCC it to Serge (his autoaccept will be on).

We thank you for your co-operation and look forward to providing you with more lovely statwhorage in the future.

-The Management